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Accelerating data-driven healthcare solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence

LAB10x is a business incubator, created to accelerate the translation of research in the fields of clinical artificial intelligence and digital health at the University Oxford into breakthrough digital therapeutics; clinical AI algorithms; and to power data-driven drug discovery and development.

LAB10x provides a solution to a significant unmet need: helping to ensure ground-breaking digital innovations in healthcare can be realised faster and more effectively, thereby leading to more personalised healthcare, new disease insights, new diagnostics and therapeutics.

LAB10x is a collaboration between Sensyne Health plc, Evotec SE, the University of Oxford, Oxford University Innovation Ltd and Oxford Sciences Innovation plc.

The partnership brings together Sensyne Health’s strength in clinical AI and regulated software development and data analysis under its Quality Management System with Evotec’s leading drug discovery and development expertise, to leverage the world-class science at Oxford. The University of Oxford was recently ranked as world No 1 in medical science, engineering science and computer science; the three fields most relevant to the focus of LAB10x.

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Why call this initiative LAB10x?

The LAB10x name was chosen by the partners collectively to signify how critical data-driven healthcare can be accelerated from concept to innovation ten times faster, as the result of the cumulative experience of the LAB10x partners involved and by applying an agile development methodology within a regulated framework. Because in healthcare, time is of the essence.

How is LAB10x governed?

LAB10x is governed by the Joint Steering Committee, which comprises representatives from Sensyne Health, the University of Oxford, OUI, Evotec and OSI.

Who makes decisions on what projects are funded?

The Joint Steering Committee decides on which projects are funded.

Is there a limit to the number of awards to be made each year?

There is no fixed limit to the number of awards to be made per annum.

Is LAB10x a separate entity?

LAB10x is not a distinct legal entity – it is a partnership.

IP & Commercialisation – the management of Intellectual property

Who will own IP arising from funded projects?

Arising IP will be treated according to Oxford University statutes.Sensyne Health and Evotec, together with OSI, will have the right to co-invest in seed financing rounds. Where company creation is not the chosen commercial path, Sensyne will have the right to acquire a licence to IP generated by the selected projects.

What happens to pre-existing IP that is relevant to the application for funding?

Applicants should work with OUI to identify their relevant background intellectual property controlled by Oxford that would form part of a package of IP to be licensed to a spinout, based on results of a LAB10x funded project. It is expected that, subject to any 3rd party rights, Background IP (i.e. IP existing before LAB10x projects start) will be included in any such package, as far is it is needed to enable exploitation of Arising IP from the project.

How will the downstream results be commercialised?

LAB10x has been established to fuel the creation of new spinout companies from the University of Oxford, and spinout formation will be the preferred route to commercialise the outputs from funded projects. Spinouts based on the results of LAB10x awards will be established based on an equity and IP licence framework agreed by the partners. For more information, please contact Oxford University Innovation.

How will academic applicants benefit in the event that IP arising from funded projects is commercialised?

Where a new spinout company is formed based on LAB10x results, academics will – as is currently the case for Oxford spinouts – benefit from founding equity and/or a share of revenues generated under the IP licence.

What happens if at the end of a project the LAB10x partners do not wish to form a new company to develop the results?

The researchers will be free to work with OUI to establish alternative routes to commercialise LAB10x results.


Our Aims

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To identify promising ideas for digital health technologies and provide funding and business support to take projects from idea to investment readiness
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To provide a regulatory-compliant environment for product development to ease the transition of projects from LAB10x into the real world
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To create new spinout companies with technologies that will make a material difference to patient care, whether directly or through facilitating therapy discovery and development
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And to accelerate concepts to innovations ten times faster; because in healthcare, time is of the essence
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